Mouse without Borders

by cafoote on September 14, 2011

Truong Do and Microsoft Garage (Microsoft’s afterhours idea/software incubator/playground) recently released Mouse without Borders. This is an incredibly useful application that will aid anybody who uses more than one computer. Let’s say that you have a desktop and a laptop. You can use Mouse without Borders to control both computers via one mouse and one keyboard (without a KVM). Users can actually control up to four computers using this software. Mouse without borders also enables users to copy and paste between computers and transfer files via drag and drop.


I have been using the software for a couple days and it works great so far. The only issue that I have had is when I change from a wired to a wireless connection. I have had to reboot my router to get Mouse without Borders working again. I suspect that this is due to my network setup, not the application.  However, it would be nice if there were additional configuration options and better error messages when the application doesn’t work.

I have also used software called Synergy in the past had similar functionality. While I loved the idea, it really wasn’t ready for primetime as it would crash on me a couple times per day. Synergy does offer cross platform use and I am sure that it has improved since I last used it. However, Synergy does not offer copy and paste between computers or transferring files via drag and drop.

All and all, mouse without borders is a great application. Kudos to Truong. Hopefully, Microsoft will continue to develop this app and add it into the mix for Windows 8.

Footer’s Solutions Mouse without Borders Demonstration:


Download the application.

When running the installer, you will be prompted with the above question. On the first pc that you install the program on, select no.









You will then be given a security code. Run the installer on each other computer that you would like to control with the software. Select yes when it asks you the question on the let’s get started screen.

That’s it.  Happy mousing!

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